Flow professional hair care products are sustainably made, cruelty free, vegan and strategically formulated using clean chemistry for better hair and a better planet. Flow was created specifically for hair stylists to provide a truly sustainable product line with incredible, unparalleled performance.

Flow products are fueled by the world's first dynamic technology system, called H5 ARCHITECTURE - a groundbreaking innovation that is only made possible because of Flow's proprietary, naturally sourced and pharmaceutically purified HYALINE WATER™.

With HYALINE WATER at its core, the H5 ARCHITECTURE system then incorporates a total of 11 natural plant extracts that work together to deeply hydrate, protect color, improve resilience and enhance hair quality immediately, and over time. In addition, Flow products are free of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, sodium chloride, and formaldehyde donors.

With its luxurious, ultra-lightweight feel and immediately noticeable results, Flow has become an industry favorite, coveted by salons and stylists world-wide.