Aqua 14" Cylinder System Hair Extensions

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  • Straight Texture
  • 25 strands per bundle
  • Lengths available 14", 18"

Quality: Cylinder I-Tip Extensions are made with 100% Human Remy hair (we never ever blend any synthetic hair or non-Remy hair into any of our extensions).

About our Tip: Our special formulated DuraTip, made from flexible Italian keratin, keeps the hair intact without shedding. Our Bond Remover makes it easy and non-damaging during the removal process.

Seamless: You'll find many color options to make our extensions seamless in feel and color. Choose from Duo Tone and Natural Colors in our 14" and 18" Cylinder Extensions.

Gentle Bonding: Our strand by strand method will keep the hair in place without the use of heat. Tiny cylinders or silicone beads keep the hair secure and are attached to the client's hair using our Deluxe Pliers and Loop Tool.

Durable: We suggest adjusting our cylinder hair extensions every 4-8 weeks for the best results. With the right care, our cylinder extensions are reusable up to 3 times.