Schwarzkopf IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES Age Blend Permanent Color for Mature Hair

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IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES AGE BLEND caters to mature hair colour needs and creates sophisticated looks. It offer both intense fashion colours and soft flattering colour results for mature clients that want to cover their white hair. It contain biotins anti-age technology which helps to maintain a youthful image that gives absolute confidence.

Formulated with Siliamine and Collagen, which contains a long-chain care polymer that adheres to the surface of the cuticle. The smooth top of the polymer creates a sleek, even surface giving hair optimal tone and shine.

Each of the three sub-ranges, IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES, IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES AGE BLEND and IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES SILVERWHITE, are designed to deliver beautiful colour results and hair quality for mature hair types.

- Superior shine and longlasting results
- Extra care for mature hair: Pro-Age-Complex with Siliamine and Collagen
- Low odor technology
- Up to 3 levels of lift
- 10 soft skin tone flattering shades
- 100% white hair coverage plus softer double-reflex shades for natural, flattering results
- Innovative BIOTIN-S Anti-Age Technology
- Formulated with Color-Crystal-Complex and Moringa Oleifera