Schwarzkopf IGORA ROYAL #Royaltakeover High Definition Permanent Color

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 3 shade collections refecting their personality and creativity. Their inspiration is meant to inspire you and bring you the trends your clients seek. So, get ready to breathe in a whole new world of color.


  • Dusted Rouge: 6 unpolished shades, from barely-there red hues to deep shaded vintage tones. Made by Lesley Jennison and Philippe Santos.
  • Disheveled Nudes: A soft, yet edgy take on nudes – with 6 subtle and disruptive disheveled nude shades from powdery blondes and pastels to darker, shadowy tones. Created by Jorge Cáncer and Matt Clements.
  • Lucid Nocturnes: 6 deep and seductive midnight colors created by Schwarzkopf Professional Color Ambassador Rossa Jurenas @rossajurenas & color influencer Lihn Phan @bescene.
  • Pastelfier
    • Additive that can be mixed with any IGORA ROYAL shades for endless creativity
    • Dilutes pigment concentration and tones intensity of shades
    • Provides up to 3 levels of extra lift